#1 provider of architectural planters, recycling & waste receptacles


As a professional in the janitorial supply business, you know the importance of durable waste and recycling receptacles. Allied Molded Products has a complete assortment of trash, waste and recycling containers for both your indoor and outdoor use. Constructed of durable molded composite materials, Allied Molded Products receptacles provide the strength of traditional products made of metals and plastics, without the weight, dents and warping traditionally found in these types of products.

Our line of receptacles is found in leading restaurants, commercial office building, shopping centers, malls, hotels, stadiums, parks and healthcare facilities. We manufacture traditional commercial grade waste receptacles distributed through a large distribution network of janitorial supply houses. We also manufacture architectural grade waste receptacles when you want the functionality you need, but want a more decorative style or size.

When you are looking for something more than a traditional waste basket, we have the answer. Call us today for a complete line of our architectural receptacles and see why Allied Molded Products is the #1 provider of architectural planters, recycling and waste receptacles.

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