#1 provider of architectural planters, recycling & waste receptacles

Company Overview

Allied Molded Products got its start in 1978 by Homer Edmonson, the company’s Founder and President/CEO. Allied Molded Products continues to manufacture and ship directly from its Palmetto, Florida location, providing the highest quality products and reliable product deliveries throughout the United States. Today, with thousands of customers in multiple markets, Allied Molded Products continues to be acknowledged as the #1 provider of architectural planters, recycling and waste receptacles in the United States.

History and Timeline

1978 - Homer Edmonson gets into the fiberglass manufacturing business with the acquisition of Precision Fiberglass, Inc. Precision Fiberglass manufactured fiberglass water conditioning products, aerators, utility boxes and aerial buckets for aerial trucks.

1991 – Homer Edmonson founded Acura Fiberglass Corporation after the purchase of the planter, benches and receptacle portion of the business from Pouliot® Designs. Acura Fiberglass added the new planters, benches, and receptacle products to its existing product mix.

1995 – Changed the name from Acura Fiberglass Corporation to Allied Fiberglass Products, Inc. Allied Fiberglass Products continued to market its broad product line to architects, designers, landscape architects, plantscapers and distributors. As a result of the expanded distribution, Allied Fiberglass Products continued to grow its leadership position in the marketplaces it served.

2001 – Allied Fiberglass Products introduced the revolutionary Hide-A-Butt™ Ash/Trash receptacle. Designed to provide the functionality of a full sized trash and ash receptacle, while hiding the unsightliness of the butts and ashes, Hide-A-Butt™ Ash/Trash Receptacles are in use throughout the United States. Today, the Hide-A-Butt™ Ash/Trash Receptacles are corporate standards at major restaurants, retailers, shopping centers and malls.

2006 – Allied Fiberglass Products changed its name to Allied Molded Products, Inc. The name was changed to reflect the newer technologies which added composite materials to the production process. Allied Molded Products introduced its Feather-Lite Stone™, Poly-Lite Crete™, and Metal Patina™ composite material based products.

2008 – Homer Edmonson sold Allied Molded Products, Inc. and the name was changed to Allied Molded Products LLC. Allied Molded Products is focused on maintaining its position as the #1 provider of architectural planters, recycling and waste receptacles. The new ownership and management team is dedicated to providing high quality products, prompt deliveries and new and innovative products.

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